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snoopy, darcy

to blave

So jcobleigh found out about this purportedly AMAZING chocolate bar made by Sharffen Berger, called the 62% Cacao Dark Chocolate Nibby. (We know it must be amazing because a Broadway composer recommended it, and they know about such things.) After searching in vain in stores in both New Jersey and Massachusetts (Whole Foods, which is supposed to carry it, only had the Milk Chocolate Nibby, which sounds good to me but is anathema to jcobleigh), he gave up in desperation and decided to try buying a bar directly from the Sharffen Berger website, although it means paying for shipping and handling too.

This led to yet another example of why I love jcobleigh, in addition to his amazing prowess with carrot cakes, as described here and here, and a host of other endearing traits (if you love Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, you'll like jcobleigh, because he's all the best of Sheldon and he's also socially aware, like even a little bit better than Spock, which I know is bordering on heresy, but I think I'm allowed because jcobleigh is my husband).

...where was I? Oh right: today's "to blave" moment on IM:

4:04 If I order a Nibby from the Sharffen Berger webpage
4:04 It's $4.95 for the bar
4:05 Plus $5.95 shipping
4:05 for $10.90 total

4:05 It's an experiment
4:05 that's okay with me

4:05 OK
4:05 Ordered
4:05 :)

4:06 I want a bite of it too. I'm curious
4:06 :)

4:06 My precccciousssss
4:06 I mean, nice hobbitses
4:06 Of course you can have a taste
4:06 :)

4:07 LOL