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snoopy, darcy

I have the best fiance ever


jcobleigh made me a carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting!
jcobleigh made me a carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting!
jcobleigh made me a carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting!

From scratch? Of course from scratch. :)

He was so clandestine (or maybe I was so oblivious), but he managed to completely surprise me this morning. I thought maybe he had a muffin or something for me--but a WHOLE carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting?! It's my favorite kind of cake! Plus, it's what our wedding cake will be.

We went grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon after church and he made some mumbling noises about how he had to pick a couple of things up later. This seemed normal to me, since things like fish ought to be bought closer to when you're actually going to cook it; we've done this before, buying things mid-week. Plus, it's still Lent, so we're having fish on Friday night. So no big deal.

Monday morning, he did his extra shopping errand after the gym (he gets out of the locker room about fifteen minutes before I do. I used to like having short hair so that I could be done with the gym at the same time that the guys were. :), and when I inquired as to whether his errand was successful, he said yes.

He didn't want me around on Tuesday night, so I thought it was just one of those "I need the night off for personal time" things, which is totally necessary and healthy, so I didn't press him on it. Though I did think that he behaved rather oddly on Tuesday night for someone who wanted to be left to himself, because he called me (and by that point in the evening, I was luxuriating in the alone time), and after mentioning something important, he started meandering on trivialities...so I politely hung up on him in an attempt to maintain what I thought was a resolution to take the night off from each other. :)

I agonized a bit about that, but I didn't want to call back and reveal that I was really just a needy girlfriend missing him. (When did I transform into such a sap? I lived more than twenty-four years just fine on my own!) And anyway, he was fine about it the next morning.

He dropped me off at work this morning and said that he'd forgotten something at his place--but he requested that I not eat breakfast until he arrived at work. I suspected a muffin, and this made me smile. When he showed up with an entire cake, I was floored.

He'd already gotten me a fun card (it was waiting on the seat when I got in the car this morning--he'd gotten out and opened the door for me to get in. This is not, mind you, an unusual occurrence, but it is unusual at 6:30 a.m. :), and he'd decided last week (after asking for my preference), to take me out and buy me new jeans on Saturday, since we would be working on my birthday. So I thought the birthday-celebration ceremonies were quite sufficient and more than wonderful.

And then he shows up with an entire homemade carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting.

My grandmother, upon finding out that jcobleigh cooks, gave a great sigh and said, "Oh! I always wished I had married a man who cooked!" (This after years of telling me that I needed to make sure that I married a rich man. :)

I'm just...wow. So grateful. To him and God.


a muffin? you thought for your birthday you would get a muffin!!

oh, about a rich man...if you can't get one who can cook, you want the rich man so he can hire someone who can cook!

a muffin!!!
nah...I'd hold out for one who can cook. :)

don't you go around insultin' no muffins, ya hear!
  1. i want a guy who can cook too...but sometimes (i'm not talking about settling for something) if the guy you find can't cook...

  2. i'm not insulting muffins...but really! a muffin for your birthday? maybe if he baked carrot cake muffins but...i can't believe i'm the one called silly
WOWZERS. And yum!!!

Our wedding cake was carrot, too. :)

at home people tend to have fruit cakes cuz it lasts or won't go bad or something silly like that!
It's your birthday?

Я играю на гармошке
У прохоших на виду.
К сожалению день рождения
Только раз в году!

Bon anniversaire!

Oh good! It's so much better than those bland white/chocolate/too-sugary-frosting or nasty buttercream gak cakes. I don't want lots of layers and silly-looking cake toppers and frosting flowers all over the place. Who wants to eat a frosting flower? Even when I was a kid I cringed at eating frosting flowers.

I can pronounce it:

"Ya igraoo na garmoshkyeh
Eh prokoshik na bide.
Ksozhalyenioo dyen rozhdeniya
Tolko raz b godeh!"

Or something close...

Unfortunately, I can't translate most of it and Alta Vista's Babel Fish Translator (I always loved the Hitchhiker's reference! :) gave me this:

I play on the bellows in prokhoshikh in sight. Unfortunately the birthday only of times in the year!

Does this mean that you're blowing a bagpipe for me on my birthday, because it only comes once a year? :)
Pretty close. It's the Russian birthday song (called Pyesnya Krokodila Gyena, or Crocodile Yevgeny's Song)

Ya igrayu na garmoshke
U prokhozhikh na vidu
K sozhaleniyu, den rozhdeniya
Tol'ko raz v godu.

I play the accordion
In the sight of the pedestrians
Unfortunately, birthdays
Are only once a year.


(Cheburashka is supposed to be a mouse, I think. "Krokodila Geny i Cheburashka" was a really common Soviet kid's television show in the 80s and 90s.)
Oh! And I'm glad you don't like frosting flowers. I really don't like buttercream frosting and will eat the cake and filling but not the frosting. It's so lardy and nasty and too sweet. I like chocolate icing, though -- not fondant, but icing.

Я так голоден! Я хочу морковный торт с плавленого сыра замиораживой!