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don't worry be happy, slugs

My entry in the World Handwriting Contest

After some teasing from coworkers and some prodding from jcobleigh, I decided to submit an entry to the World Handwriting Contest. The website looks a bit amateur, but the contest is the real deal: it's the only worldwide handwriting contest. I learned about it from reading Script & Scribble by Kitty Burns Florey (it's a wonderful book)!

After 9 months of experimenting with different styles, layouts, pens, paper, and cunning misspellings of various words, here's my final entry:

It's far from perfect, but I decided to cut myself off and just send something in.

18 July 2010 update: I won first place in my category!


Yes, I toyed with it in high school, briefly. Maybe I'll take it up again someday. At the moment, I'm valuing the pragmatic everyday sort of handwriting more. :)
what do you win?
Yeah, a hand-lettered certificate by a professional calligrapher and bragging rights. :)
bragging rights are good

shouldn't you scan said letter and post here?
The woman who runs the contest called me to let me know I’d won, but she said that I wouldn’t get the official certificate until some time in September. (I guess it takes the calligrapher some time to manually create all the certificates. :)
joys of a writing contest

i hope they use good paper


very good

Very similar.