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age breeds more fun excuses to waste time

"So," jcobleigh says to me this morning when I get in the car. "Today is your last day of being twenty-four!"

::blink blink::

I'm tipping over the quarter-century mark! Of course, the day that he tipped over the quarter-century mark remains starkly preserved in my mind, because he emitted a girly shriek when he entered "25" on the treadmill at the gym.


On another topic, I've decided to collect some useless information: arcane (and thus nearly useless for communication purposes) color names.

Name Sample
burnt sienna        

My, these look gross next to each other. Maybe that's why no one knows these names--most people don't like these colors. Periwinkle's okay--it's my bridesmaids' dress color...

While searching for the hex code for "burnt sienna," I discovered this fun Flash page! (I think if I ever own a cat, I'll name it Razzmatazz. :)


Men are like elementary-school Crayola boxes. They see the world in sixteen colours and sixteen colours ONLY.

Things that are "heather" and "aubergine" and "puce" and "mauve" and "burnt umber" are not colours recognised by men, they are "grey" and "purple" and "greenish-yellow" and "purple" and "brown".
I don't know these colors off the top of my head, either. I've learned most of them by acting like a dork at female gatherings and saying "What?"

I only learned chartreuse from Jamie, who was singing about "chartreuse buzzards" and I didn't have a mental picture of it...

I think sixteen colors, a hyphen, "-ish," and normal adjectives like "light," "dark," "pale," "bright," "obnoxious," "loud," and maybe "pastel" if you want to stretch it, are more than sufficient for a lifetime of anyone's descriptive needs. Anything more is pretention.

Except that I like how the word "chiaroscuro" sounds, so I make an exception.
You really DO understand.

It says something about Jamie that he knows what chartreuse is. To me a chartreuse is a particularly French preparation of partridge, and also a disgusting liqueur made from herbs that have been marinating in a compost heap in Chartres.

And I'll agree -- "chiaroscuro" sounds cool. Any Italian word starting with chi- or che- sounds cool.

My nightmare is the paintboards at the Home Depot -- the ones with fifty thousand shades of the colour white.
I actually didn't know what chartreuse was except that it was a color. All I knew was the song "Three Chartreuse Buzzards".

I can understand about the paintboards, though. I've seen a book of fountain pen ink samples which has over 40 different versions of the color black that all look different.
I recently opted out of representing the corporation board of the local chapter of my undergrad sorority at a conference this summer, mainly because I read the registration packet and it said,

a) "Shorts and jeans are unacceptable"


b) "Bring a white dress. Off-white and cream dresses are not acceptable."

Even my wedding dress wouldn't be acceptable--it's "natural white."

It was at this point that I emailed my fellow board-mates and went off on a rant about not giving a small rodent's posterior about whether or not somebody wore nylons with open-toed shoes and how I was quite sure that I would do more harm than good as a representative for the chapter.

Sometimes I marvel that I ever made it into a sorority at all. I never planned to join one--I was a geek who spent all my free time in my dorm room on my computer. A friend pounced when I was at the dining hall. :) Once in, though, it was a good experience. It's come in especially handy now as an alum, because four of our wedding-service providers are members. :)
yeah! i was totally shocked when i found out you were in a sorotity
granted...maybe i had misconceptions from tv and books, but i don't think i was too far wrong!!
im confused
are you saying puce is greyish yellow?
so chartreuse is a green..

um, periwinkle?

"chartreuse" is a fancy way of saying "puke green"
periwinkle is wrong
what should it be? Make a little table and bg the td with the right hex. (Make sure to   it!) gimp has a great color chooser that provides the hex for you.
i know what gimp has...i made my dwagon with it :-p
periwinkle's the live journal colour or close...

well i think darker...i mean i don't have to sit and figure this out..thank God
i don't know
periwinkle is kinda too light and pastelly for me...but it's not me...

I have seen the phenomenon of male color-identification that dasubergeek has described. While outlet shopping with my family this weekend in Lancaster, PA, Mom picked up a lovely trenchcoat at London Fog that was a beautiful shade of salmon/pink. The tag actually called it "light red."

Loved the sorority story. Reminds me of when I participated in Girls State (a leadership/government program sponsored by the American Legion Ladies Auxillary). Now THAT was some dress code. :)