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beans into peas!

Who knew working in the kitchen could be so much fun?

A few months ago, jcobleigh took the Knife Skills class at Helen's Kitchen and encouraged me to try it as well. I took it last week and I loved it! It was 3 hours of fun, accessible, personalized teaching on a practical skill, for only $80. It was a relaxed and comfortable setting in a well-designed space for small cooking classes. There were 8 people in the class and although almost everyone (except for a newly-married couple) were complete strangers at the beginning of the class, by the end we were all laughing together, helping each other clean up, and exchanging cooking tips. Helen made us a lovely, light vegan meal before the start of class, and then she lead us through a useful and practical discussion of knives and knife care. We spent the next couple hours doing various chopping exercises on different vegetables, with Helen demonstrating, answering our questions, and walking around helping each of us refine our techniques. She's a wonderful teacher and she made me feel comfortable enough to make mistakes and ask "dumb" questions. Plus, we got to eat a really tasty meal based on what we'd spent the evening chopping up, so I left feeling happy, full, and newly empowered in the kitchen.

jcobleigh and I made chili on Sunday, so there were lots of veggies to chop and I got through them much more quickly than I ever had before (but, as Helen says, the goal is not speed--it's consistency of chop size...and speed will come with practice).

Plus, I cut up extra celery just for the fun of it. Wow.

Helen's classes fill up really quickly, so if you're interested in attending, get on the wait list as soon as possible.


This is the inexpensive but very effective little device that Helen told us about: the AccuSharp. jcobleigh and I have been using one for several months and it's been great.