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My favorite dragon

Used by permission from silly_lilly

In other news...we got our wedding rings today. :)


dwagon *dwool*

the one and only piece of art i ever did and i like...all GIMP (well almost)

in other news: I SAW THE RINGS!

Re: dwagon *dwool*

So what did you think? :)


well...you mean aside from guys wearing gold is *such a turn off*? ;-)

Re: rings

for YOU Muslim girls, maybe. :)

Re: rings

i have multiple personalities?
i am more than one girl?
wow...they all at least seem to be muslim!

Re: rings

at least you're all consistent. :)

multiple personalities

well i guess that really depends..

i dont know if i have clean clothes for tomorrow!

Re: rings

You say this to a girl who proposed to her fiance?
This woman Not Traditional. (grin)

Anyway, I think it's cool when the guy has a ring as well.

Re: rings

well that is true (guys wearing rings)
but she's still being so very traditional!
she's wearing a ring too...;-)

i'd be no rings at all...!!

Re: rings

::swells with pride at being called 'Not Traditional'::


Yeah, partly I didn't want an engagement ring, because I thought, "Why do I have to be the only one who displays my takenness?"


Re: rings

but you're still getting rings!
and if you were muslim you'd be traditional...the offer comes from the bride :-p

Re: rings

ooh! really? I didn't know that! Is that why the guys send their resumes around and that kind of thing? The girl's family decides?

Re: rings

you know, you're not making it seem as if anybody has a choice here...

but i'm sure girls send theirs too :-)

anywayz, i'm going to be non-traditional ;-)
not going to give anyone encouragement by making an offer...

Re: rings

LOL! :)

I think that's the right approach. Don't let anybody push you into anything before you're ready...and be okay with never being ready. Who knows, though, maybe you'll run across somebody who you can be yourself. Don't close either door. :)

Re: rings

WITH. be yourself WITH.

Re: rings



no i don't close doors...no wait..i did..have..wait
i can be myself with some people