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  • 14:00 Cool, clear display of the various arguments for and against climate change: bit.ly/65HEcr #

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It's a cool, clear defense of one position, not a particularly cool-headed display of the arguments.
Ah...I don't know anything about the details of the debate: this is the first time I've seen anything that at all even resembled something reasonable.

Do you know of where I can find a defense of the other position?
I didn't mean to be quite so annoyed-sounding, sorry.... I'm not sure I can, but that's more because I stopped believing the "evidence" on either side a long time ago. I did like that the arguments FOR CO2 global warming in your link made sure to specify that their position is that *this time* they think it's the human CO2 production that is contributing; that sounds much more sensible than other ways I've heard them say it.

If I find anything I'll shunt it your way.
Thanks, and also thanks for pointing out that the comparison was biased.